Because XAMANIA products are for personal and private use, the product cannot be returned, except in the following cases:



The causes of return and/or exchange accepted and without cost or penalty for the client are: 

In case the product received was not the one requested. In this case, the customer agrees to return the product in its original packaging, complete and without having been used or damaged.

In the event that the merchandise received is damaged or mistreated by the shipping company or is incomplete and XAMANIA is given timely notice within the next 5 calendar days of receiving it.



The purchased product is out of stock and cannot be delivered.

The product was lost by courier and the client sent all the necessary data to formalice the report before us.

An incorrect amount has been charged to the client, the refund applies for the difference.

Due to the different scenarios that may exist in online purchases, all those cases not contemplated in these policies will be reviewed and processed by XAMANIA individually.

XAMANIA may refund purchases through (1) coupon for the 100% value of the missing, damaged, lost, returned, canceled and/or total purchase product depending on the scenario.



To make a return, exchange or refund of a product, the following information will be requested, which will be sent by email to and the case will be resolved within a period not exceeding 3 business days.


Order number with which you bought your product.

Description of the item and/or order.

Date the order was placed.

Date the order was received.

Reason for return.

Visual evidence of the article (photographs) where the guide, box and products received are displayed regardless of their status


The customer must contact the Xamania Customer Service via email  to initiate their request for the return, exchange or refund of the product. The satisfaction of said requests will at all times be subject to compliance with the provisions of these Terms of Use and the policies of XAMANIA in general.

For its part, XAMANIA will send an email confirming receipt of your request, after which the review process will proceed. The receipt of the request does not imply the authorization of the return, exchange or refund.

Requests for return, exchange or refund will be analyzed and the customer will be notified, both in cases of origin and in cases of non-origin, and the reasons.

In the event that the reason for the return, exchange or refund is for personal reasons, the shipping costs for the return of the product will be borne by the customer.

Whenever there is a refund, there must be a return of the item. 

Once the authorization of the return, exchange or refund has been confirmed, the necessary measures will be taken to return the amounts to the customer, in accordance with the payment method used to carry out the purchase.

Important: The User has 10 calendar days to report the return of the product, counted from the date on which he received his order.


Product status to validate return, exchange or refund:

The necessary requirements to make the return, exchange or refund valid are: It must be in the same condition in which it was received and include all its parts, accessories and original packaging.

It should not have damage. It must not have been used, even if it does not show any damage.

The product that the User returns must comply with the aforementioned requirements and, if applicable, accompanied by the invoice that has been issued. In case of not having any of the requirements indicated above, XAMANIA will not make the respective return.

In case of doubts or comments, you can contact the Customer Service Center via email , where an executive will indicate the procedure for requesting the return of the merchandise. The return will be subject to the time and type of product in question.



The estimated times for the processing of a Refund once authorized and with the complete data of the consumer, are the following:

     Payment by Credit Card within [10] business days.

     Payment with Internet Banking [5] business days.

     Bank Deposit [5] business days.



The user has 5 calendar days to report any damage.

The user has 2 calendar days to report a missing product.


The cancellation of a purchase will be appropriate only when the payment has not been applied, or if no guide has been generated for the shipment of the order. The Cancellation request will not be valid if it was received after the 24-hour period or the product is in the process of being shipped. In this case, you must opt ​​for a refund, subject to the necessary conditions and requirements.

Partial cancellations do not apply, in this case the order is completely canceled and if it is already paid, a coupon is generated for the consumer to make the purchase again or, failing that, a refund is made.

XAMANIA will not be able to cancel an order if it has been collected by the courier or 24 hours have elapsed from the moment of order confirmation. In case of a cancellation by exception, the shipping cost will not be refunded.



XAMANIA is exempt from absorbing the costs generated by change of address at the request of the client, this expense must be covered by the buyer.